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Nanokamachi-dori was one of the important roads to the Yonezawa, Echigo, and Shimotsuke (via Keirinji-dori) routes of the Aizu Gokaido, the five roads leading into the castle town. Throughout the Edo and Showa Periods, it was a bustling center of shopping and business. The vestiges of that history can be seen in the old storehouses and retro western-style buildings, as well as the traditional wood-constructed machiya, tradesman's houses with a shopfront.


We recommend visiting Nanokamachi Patio, a former four-building warehouse built in the Meiji Period, reconstructed into a one-building commercial center; the Aizu Shinsengumi Memorial; and the romantic, Taisho-style Western building that houses the Eki Café, the Nanokamachi Station building. The retro-style town loop buses "Haikara-san" as well as "Akabe" and "Ekorongo"are also good ways to tour this castle town.


You can enjoy traditional local cuisine, handmade soba, Italian food, ramen, light café meals, and many other kinds of food in Nanokamachi. There are stores which use local ingredients, allowing you to taste the goodness of Aizu.


On the Nanokamachi "Happiness Path: Seven Gods of Fortune Walk", visit the seven temples and shrines in the Nanokamachi area, and encounter the profound history and lush nature of Aizu. Walk through Nanokamachi and meet your good fortune. There are also stores where you can paint your own Aizu erosoku (decorated candle).

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